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She Ignored me Despite Being A Star” – Davido expressed First Time He Met Chioma

David Adeleke, better known as Davido, the Afrobeats sensation, recently told the tale of how he met his wife, Chioma Avril Rowland, putting light on their developing romance.

The couple first met while studying at Babcock University, where Davido majored in music and Chioma majored in Economics.

In 2015, they began their romantic journey

For a man to be spinning different incoherent stories about his meeting his woman, you will know something is not right!

So he lied when he said he knew her 20 years ago and that they met when they were teens.

You loved her, so much, that you were sleeping with other girls raw
And chioma still stayed despite all that

The main disadvantage of telling lies is that you will contradict yourself. I didn’t know you saw that interview, neither of them was up to a teen even back then. Were they even in the same states before Babcock?
The ass lickers will soon come for you and tag you a hater. Imagine even using a dead child of 4 days in the morgue as a bait to do bride price! They couldn’t even make Davido and his father to come to their home, they had to do bride price inside Davido’s father’s Palour and they are praising her as a legal wife .
Imagine that degree of worthlessness and desperation.

When a man starts cheating he will start excessively showering his woman with praises adoration and attention to cover up his guilt.

Chioma’s story is the prove that Nigerian women do not mind sharing a community dick as long as it is tied to the waist of a rich and influential person.

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