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Reality TV Star, Yemi Cregx Reveals The Illness He Has Been Suffering Since Childhood

Reality TV star, Yemi Cregx, recently shows the weakest part of himself as he opened up about his biggest insecurity during a live video.

He disclosed this after a fan asked him if he still stammer to Which he responded with an honest admission of his ongoing battle with Stuttering.

Yemi bravely referred to himself as a stammerer, noting there was no shame to it. He said that his stuttering has not held him back from achieving great things and blast those that limit themselves because of their perceived shortcomings.

Yemi revealed that he had been struggling with Stuttering since childhood and had been trying to control it. However, he acknowledged that on the days of stress, it can still get the best of him.

Despite this, Yemi encouraged himself and others not to let their insecurities and challenges prevent them from pursuing their dreams. He ended the video by saying that stuttering is not a disease and should not be viewed as weakness.

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