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    Prince’s Diary Session

    Prince’s Diary Session
    He is feeling great though he is still shaken up by his friend’s (Praise) eviction. He is looking forward to the HoH task cause the game is getting tougher.
    He feels people are being more strategic with Praise’s eviction. Comments about his competitiveness during his birthday makes him more conscious that he might be voted out as being too competitive.
    👉 Who he voted for yesterday and why?
    Wathoni and Vee to leave because they are less close to him.
    👉 About their wager task. They are to paint The Heroes in their lives.
    The wager task is emotional and artistic so he’s looking forward to it, still trying to figure it out.
    His hero is his dad even though he’s a mummy’s boy, he has great admiration for his dad and this is an opportunity to show him how he feels about him. For some reason, he doesn’t know how to show how much he inspires him with his words and how people admire him outside.
    👉 How he intends to contribute to win this week’s wager.
    The house sometimes forget to obey rules cause they’ve gotten comfortable. The housemates often times complain that he is too opinionated and wants people to agree with his opinion but that isn’t true. He has never forced anyone to follow his opinions.

    He apologies for the infringements and pPrince leads for hot water.

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