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    Our Culture Of Not Questioning Source Of Illicit Wealth

    If those greedy boys who attempted to rob a bank in Dubai had succeeded, by this time, their pictures in which they will show off wraps of dollars will be circulating on social media especially Instagram, with the hashtag #naGod. #OluwaIsInvolved. #BlessGod #ThankYouJesus.
    Those of us who will question the source of the sudden wealth will be tagged losers and jealous haters.
    And those who do their hustle legitimately but see no bright future in it will feel they are cursed. They will start running from one prayer house and witch doctor to another while the little they have for upkeep will be collected by the fraudulent pastors and witch doctors.
    Some women will suddenly get angry at the sight of their boyfriend or husband who is living on a very low salary. They will look for a reason for a break up by demanding for something they know he can’t afford.
    These boys will become the ezigbo di (good husband) some ladies have prayed and fasted for. Some greedy parents who believe that ogoo bu chi onye (an in-law is someone’s god) will wish they become their son in law.
    They will be begged to take chieftaincy titles. They will receive countless invitations for weddings, birthday, burials and all kinds of events. Even churches. Pastors and priests will appeal to them to make donations. They will be the chairman of the occasion. They will move with convoy. The police IG and commissioner will assigns tens of policemen to protect them. Even the Army will be deployed to serve them if they become friends with one commandant.
    They will be respected.
    The young ones watch with admiration. They will wish to become like these guys so they will be respected in the society too. As far as they are concerned, this is the definition of success.
    But how can they not wish for that when they see the society doesn’t care about the source of anyone’s wealth. It doesn’t matter how you make it. Just make and you will have your respect.
    And off they go committing all manner of crimes. The ladies have graduated from prostitution which they call runs to eating the feaces of Arab men in Dubai. Anything for the money. Instagram and the society will know they have arrived. Who no follow na mumu.
    All these is as a result of bad parenting and moral decadence in the society. And when you talk about morals they ask you, ‘according to whose standard?’.
    Well, the world will continue to treat you like a common criminal simply because you are a Nigerian.

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