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On Evans And His Everlasting Crimes 1

‘On Evans And His Everlasting Crimes 1’
Sisi decided to take a stroll during her break. Passing by some buildings,she saw some lovely buildings in the estate (is as the case was with most buildings in Lekki) but this one stood out and she paused for some minutes admiring it.
Sisi sharply takes a picture of the house with her tatafo complaint phone and felt proud of hasef: The angle was on point and the picture odikwa sharp just on the first shot.
*abeg lemme kuku coman be going before the aboki gateman will start wondering who is this bush geh*
Then aboki does the undoesable:

‘ssssssskissss, sssssssssssss
pine geh
pine geh
ezikisi mi, Yarinya’.
*Where is my God that answereth by thunder, Nansense* as Sisi slowly paddles away.
Upon getting to the office, she shows Peter the picture she took. Sisi had seen her dream house and was thinking of calling it forth by fayaa. Peter looked at the picture, frowned and sighed,
‘Sisi, hope nobody saw you while snapping the house’. he asks. Sisi was puzzled.
‘ errm, no’. She replied.
”This house is owned by Evans, the notorious kidnapper that was recently arrested by security operatives. This is just one of the houses he owns in Lekki and Ajah. Security agents have not yet discovered this one. The worth of this house is almost #800 million naira’.
Kpaaa! Something’s burst. It’s Sisi’s crush on the house. Why should a house so beautiful be owned by a criminal while a honest man of integrity is still living in a face me-I floor you? Why are honest and hardworking people still trekking while dishonest folks are flying around like witches in private jets?
This is an error.
How many houses/businesses owned by society bigwigs are built on honest foundations while the honest hardworking folks who work for them are ripped off to fund their lavish lifestyles?
How do people even  sleep at night knowing they are living off the blood of innocent and hardworking people?

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