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Nolly wood Actress Mercy Johnson Confirm that; Regina Daniels has been 15 all along and only just clocked 16?

Actress Regina Daniels has become quite popular on Instagram and also on our screens but there has been a debate on her age as a lot of people doubted she was 16 years because of how mature she looks.
Turns out she’s actually so young and possibly younger than we assumed. Mercy Johnson, who claims to have known her since she was a baby, wished her a “happy 16th birthday”. This means she’s been 15 all along while people argued that she must be above 18.
Mercy wrote: “I remember the first time I carried this Big Baby of mine….Mum is what she calls Me and Yes,She is my Child…..@regina.daniels
Happy 16th Birthday Princess …..You are so sweet,Respectful and Hard working….Aunty Rita, you did a great job here…LLNP…..party loading ……????”
So actress Regina Daniels has been 15 all along and only just clocked 16? Mercy Johnson confirms it
After Mercy shared the birthday message, most of Mercy’s followers doubted Regina’s age and said as much but Mercy replied most of them and insisted that she’s sure Regina is 16.
@amazingladyeva wrote: “Mama @mercyjohnsonokojie She cant be 16!”
And Mercy replied: “@amazingladyeva trust me, She grew in my hands…she is”

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