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Did Nigerian Police Really Return Extorted Sum of N834,000.00 To Owners?!

If we are to take what we are told on face value,then Nigeria may not be beyond redemption after all. The Police Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit(PPCRRU) has reported in a statement made available to the media that through its investigations,the sum of N834,000.00 extorted by the Police from members of the public,were recovered and returned to their rightful owners.
It was also reported that 17 Police Officers were sanctioned and disciplined  in the course of the investigations. If these events really happened as reported and if they could be verified independently,then there is hope for our dear country,Nigeria. Kudos to the authority,if this really happened. Pardon my skepticism, because we have always been fed with embellished versions of alternative facts of non-events by the powers that be in Naija.
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