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Nigeria Needs To Emulate Morocco

This is Morocco

Yes they are leading African football

That match was a friendly with Brazil

It was played in Morocco

The match was played late at night.

In that country, light and security are routine

Some of the fans travelled 350km by rail

Like thousands of Lagos fans casually going to Benin city to watch Eagles play Argentina

Is that possible?

If we say yes, the gods will say yes

The train has a max speed of 320km/hr

It cost them only 4B dollars

The train used about 2hrs for the trip because of stops

After the match fans travelled back by rail

That’s Morocco

In 1977 during Festac

Lagos people went to Kaduna in their thousands to watch the durbar

Nigerians have to start living again

Right now folks just exist.

If we say yes, the gods will concur

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