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    Ned Okonkwo’s Wife Looks So Fine

    You look at this picture, and you are reminded again that the king of real estate in Lagos, Ned Okonkwo, and his wife, who is in this picture, have hacked this real estate thing, and they are very successful.

    The good thing is that they started small in the last decade before scaling to this level.

    And you, too, can start small now and be successful like them in the next decade.

    In terms of impact and scale, after Sujimotor, I think Ned’s real estate company is next and should be the second biggest in the whole of Lagos, if not the biggest, in terms of volume and scale.

    I’m a big fan of successful people who make money from enterprise showing off like this.

    Successful entrepreneurs chose to be modest, which is why Yahoo boys have taken over the narrative and space.

    As we know, Yahoo boys recruit vulnerable, impressionable teens by showing off, but with this

    That young kid in Ojoto is reminded that it is possible to experience poverty like Ned Okonkwo Dod when he was his age but still be successful by building a business from scratch without doing fraud.

    Looking at this picture again.

    The glittering cars and their price in your mind, then this time around, with tears in your eyes.

    The only thing that comes to your mouth is Ola of Lagos clarion call and confession as you shout.

    I will never be poor.

    But as you work hard to escape poverty, don’t commit crime or fraud.

    We don’t encourage that in this space.

    Latest Posts


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