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    Nature Abhors Weakness

    Nature Hates Weakness.

    Over the millenia, nature has continued to manifest its adaptability capacities in the face of navigating the challenge called life.

    One would have thought that by now, nature’s gatekeeping strategies of managing choices especially when it comes to sexual decisions.

    Interestingly it appears that among all living things, man is the only specie with the weakest selection process and criteria when it comes to self replication or reproduction. Every other specie has very tough sieving process that must be scaled through before engagement in acts of reproduction.

    But of all animals, one with the most bizarre strategy for keeping out the weak and undesirable among its type from the privilege of reproduction is the Dragonfly.

    Female dragonflies adopt a very extreme tactic to get rid of unwanted male suitors to prevent mating with them. Lacking the strength to engage in the mating ritual or flight especially with an ugly, weak or perceptually incompetent male, the female would simply drop out the sky and then pretend to be dead so the male would leave her and go after someone else. And as soon as she’s confirmed the male has left, she’d pick up herself and resume her business of the day.

    Normally, female Dragonflies are susceptible to harassment from the males as soon as they lay their eggs. And because the male found her alone without a their male mates, they’d shoot their shoots.

    Allowing such may lead to unintended consequences because a single sexual encounter with another male is enough to fertilise all eggs and copulating again could damage their reproductive tract.


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