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    Nathaniel And The Hallelujah challenge

    Hallelujah challenge.
    When people clamped down on BBN and her lovers I felt a certain level of irritation, I scratched at my eyes till they bled.
    What sort of mischief inspires people to criticise what doesn’t hurt them or another?
    The wise and deep of our world waited till BBN to tell us how much we could have invested in sciences, technology and a total overhaul of our value system as a people.
    Haughtily, they concluded that all lovers of BBN like their telemundo counterparts are a group of slay queens, pepperdemgang, Tbosses who dwell on the shallow and dumb side of life.

    Until a pastor called out the organizers of the show( a stunt that was uncalled for by the way) a host of ‘anti-Nigerian pastors’ drowned him in insults because it wasn’t his ‘bbn’.
    Because, BBN never hurt nobody.
    Because BBN is entertainment, thus, no fanatical preacher should come near.
    We heard! We cheered!

    Now, a group of Christians decide to exercise their constitutional right to hold certain religious beliefs and all a sudden, wise men are bothered about the sociopolitical and economic state of Nigeria vis-à-vis the vice called #hallelujahchallenge and its effect on Nigeria’s vision 2020.
    The same wise men that called out christian for condemning a show that had no adverse effect on them.

    If this twisted and hypocritical way of reasoning doesn’t smell like bullshit, nothing will ever do.
    Like I earlier opined on a thread, spirituality isn’t what has destroyed Nigeria, her inhabitants are her undoing.
    See ba, there are grays to these things.

    While I agreed to what the poster had said, I was of the opinion that the timing was wrong and the intent malafide.
    The problem with the  hallelujah challenge critique thing is the timing.
    Like all things Nigerian, timing is always a problem.

    Take for instance this scenario.

    Feminist: 6 out of 10 women were molested as children. Thus, I and a group of friends are starting a counselling unit for women who are victims of sexual abuse.

    Commenter: men also get abused sexually, we should rather organize a counselling unit for  ‘all’ the victims of sexual abuse.
    The second comment is true, albeit mischievous.
    See ba, people should have the liberty to do their bidding especially when it doesn’t offend another.

    Nathaniel and his crew are sold out to #hallelujahchallenge.
    There’s nothing stopping you and I from starting a #sceincechallenge.
    I don’t think anybody has the right to tell another man what need he to meet with his own resources, he has the freewill to choose.
    Choose your own pothole and fill it up.

    Primarily, Nigeria is what it is because both the theist and atheist are wired wrong.
    The rot that is Nigeria today has little  to do with spirituality.
    The United Arab Emirates is mostly an Islamic state, yet Dubai is a wonder.
    Italy houses the Vatican yet, they’ve grown to beautiful heights.
    America is a country built on Christian values yet she’s a force to reckon with.
    Scotland had John Wesley and she’s not doing badly.

    As a christian I don’t question people’s beliefs and values and orientations until it affects another human being adversely.
    My duty to men and God is to love and respect their humanity, their harmless choices.
    I do not understand homosexuality it is alien to my beliefs as a Christian but my faith enjoins me to live peacefully with all men to love them in spite of our differences.
    In fact, God says you can’t claim to love him whom you’re yet to see and hate a fellow man that you see.
    Thus, I don’t go about poking my heterosexual fingers into another’s sexuality.
    It is cruel.
    It is wicked.
    Seeing that it doesn’t affect me in or another human adversely.
    I believe that we should live and let live.

    Our problem is what we are as a people.
    What we do with spirituality.
    How we use knowledge to put some under.
    The Nigerian rot is the product of greed, laziness, and hate.
    Both the theist and atheist have these in common.

    Thus, it is safe to say that what the Nigerian lynch mob,  ‘christianphobes’, homophobes, sexists religious fanatics, atheists all have in common is hate.
    We are good and fear-inspiring, spine-chilling hate.

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