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    My Valentine Experience

    My experience on Valentine’s day is something I don’t even want to talk about.

    I got my wife a gift, and had the dispatch rider deliver it to her at her work place. I made it so, because it was meant to be a surprise, plus the gift wasn’t much, so it was better she got it from the dispatch rider.

    Immediately she received it, she called, thanking me and saying a few prayers for me.

    “Remember to come back early so we can celebrate.” She reminded me.

    “Uhh,” I stuttered, “babe… I have to pull a late night today, we got a bit of work at the company, but I’ll be in tomorrow morning.”

    Cynthia wasn’t happy, and she did well to register her displeasure. I begged her, told her I’d make it up to her, and dropped the call before she could say anything else. After that, I blocked her number, with the intention of unblocking it the next morning.

    At exactly 6:27 pm, I sent Mary a WhatsApp text, reminding her of our meet up that’d occur later that night.
    She replied, saying she couldn’t forget, and that she was looking forward to it.

    I was skilled at landing such a hot lady. Mary is an online friend, one I met in this space. We clicked immediately, and have been in touch for the past 3 months.

    Her profile picture is a hot photo of her in a red bikini. She’s just the way I love them; dark, chubby, big white eyes, full hips, and round, pointy breasts.

    In the photo, she has the same features as my wife, but I haven’t seen her in real life, and that was the point of our meeting.

    Perhaps, I could get a little ‘snu ‘snu, who knows.

    Prior to that day, she confided in me, telling me how she faced multiple heartbreaks in the past, and how she found it hard to trust men. She said I was different, and she was grateful to the absolute creator for connecting us.

    Same baby.. Same.

    I was driving towards Crispin hotel, bobbing my head to the beat, when I got a WhatsApp text. I opened it, and saw Mary had sent a picture. She put it on ‘view once’. It was when I viewed it, I saw why.

    A photo of Mary, laying on a bed, in her birthday suit, accompanied with the caption, “are you on your way yet, honey?” I lost focus, and didn’t look where I was driving.

    I stared at the photo for a few minutes, and after that, I dropped it, and placed my foot on the accelerator.

    I got there in no time, checked in at the reception, and went into the elevator. It ascended to the 7th floor.

    I got out, looked up and down the corridor, room 69 in mind. I saw it, and raced towards it.

    I knocked on the door, trying to keep my breath under check.

    “Come in.” Answered the voice from Inside.

    I turned the handle, and went inside.

    Who I saw, sitting in the bed, is the reason I’m writing this.

    The same person I told I’d be pulling a late night at the office.
    The same woman I’ve been living with for the past 4 years.
    Cynthia; that’s the one; my wife.

    “So this is the company’s work you’ll be doing tonight abi?” she smirked.

    My legs could no longer carry my weight; I sat down.

    “Don’t worry, rest first, so you’ll explain why you’ve been chatting with a strange woman for months while I’m here.”

    “Did you like the picture….. The one I just sent you.”

    I nodded my head. “Yes.”

    It didn’t take me long to realize I’ve just been catfished. Cynthia has been the one talking to me for the past months, and I’ve been foolish enough to fall for it.

    We sat in silence for 2 hours. Those were the longest 2 hours of my life. When she got tired, she stood up, and went out of the hotel room.
    No doubt, she went home.

    It’s been two days, and I’m still at the hotel.

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