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    My Stance On Abortion

    My Stance on Abortion
    This is not up to a discussion, I am not interested in any argument about it neither will I tolerate any form of back and forth. It is my choice and I made it because I have seen the world around me and I have taken a stance on a particular topic. 

    I am not pro-abortion.
    I am not anti-abortion.
    I am pro-choice

    Incase that was not explicit enough, I am not part of the people who will tell you to abort a child because you can’t afford the bills or you were molested neither will I tell you to keep out of some misplaced sense of moral code. My stance is simple, put it on the table and allow the person who will feel the pinch more (the mother) decide what she wants to do with the baby she is carrying. 

    While you are giving her the options, put abortion there and make her understand the risks. Tell her the pros and cons of this choice and how it may or may not affect her as a person. 

    I don’t see how a human being can be gang molested, get pregnant as a result and the society expects her to keep the baby out of some thoughts that it is all part of some divine reason. So in their twisted and perverted mind, there can be reason behind that. Okay. If this happens and the girl decides she cannot bear to carry the result of such a thing either out of shame or the fact that she does not want to be reminded of that horrible event. Allow her have her choice.

    You are not her. The fact that someone else did does not mean she should, we humans don’t react to things the same way. I am sick of the argument that “You can’t tell, he might be the president in future” there are 140 million people in this country, we can find another person. Heck we took an inexperienced morón, made him leader and hey, we ain’t all dead yet.

    Give women a choice as to what they want, let them make that choice and support them through that choice. Your job is to put the options on the table and then shut dafuq up. Let the person wearing the shoe decide if she wants to keep wearing em or take it off.

    It is weird that people who have not seen teenage mothers suffer and cry to the point where I know a 6 months old baby that was being fed garri because the mother could not afford pap and yet she wanted an abortion but was not allowed. Still those who stopped her were not around to help out. You come up with excuses like “you will regret it forever” but is it your regret?

    How can someone say because she is below 18, she should not be allowed to make a choice? If she is having sex, she should damn well be able to decide if she wants to have a baby or not.

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