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    My First Clubbing Experience 

    One Friday, i got off work so late because there was too much to do at the office, so on my way home i decided to go to the Club. Yea, i did, stopped by this night club on the Island, guys come and see things! big big backsides everywhere. Okay i see you reading and judging me now like ‘uncle Allison! You too?’, yes oo, me too oo my dear, I carried myself and entered the club one Friday, hmmmm, my eyes saw something.

    The thing is, I have never being to the club before, i don’t even know what the inside looks like, besides the ones i see in movies. And like one of my favorite men in the world Tyler Perry will say;  “take God everywhere you go, and where you can’t take Him, DON’T GO”..I live by that principle, so strongly, but that night in my heart i told God that He either follows me inside the club or wait for me outside, either way i’m going in. 
    On my way i stopped by the store and bought some condoms, mehn! Those things are pretty expensive these days, i thought the something was still 3 for 100naira, i didn’t know that the cost of ‘safe’ fornication has also gone up , hehehehe, i planned on buying the whole pack,  but at the end of the night i could only afford 5 packs condoms, it’s becoming pretty expensive these days, and i don’t know why our worldly brothers have not started protesting yet. 
    Okay, i got there in peace, dressed in a white shirt and tie on black pants, looking like i was going for a job interview, you can imagine, thank God i wasn’t bounced. I got in with a smile, loud music, dark coloured lights, drinks and weed everywhere, and when i looked around to God be the glory i was the only dumb person that wore white shirt and tie in the whole club, come and see embarrassment, it was like they wrote “NOVICE” on my forehead, Jesus! Everybody came in jeans and Polo, besides the ladies that were almost naked, maybe those ones forgot their cloths at home i don’t know.
    I just went over to the bar and sat down, told the bar man to serve me a coke and he said they don’t sell soft drinks here. I was like for what? Okay how about Fanta? He just looked at me and said nothing, so i leaned over to him with all the loud music and whispered “Oga, so me that don’t drink alcohol what should i now do?, if you have maltina just pour it inside a glass to look like beer let me use it to form,  this insult is too much please, help a neighbour”… 
    Okay, this is the thing guys,  as i sat down at the bar watching, i started to see different things, married men/daddies with young girls, lovers making out openly on the couch,  kissing,  romancing, smoking and drinking,  having mad fun, and then it occurred to me that there are just so many amazing benefits of dating an unbeliever; honestly, you just think about it, i mean, the constant guilt-free sex, the every weekend night clubbing with booze and weed, getting high, late nights, the consistent sleep-overs at boyfriend’s house, changing into his draws, being in a prayerless relationship lacking God’s purpose and direction, marrying blindly without bothering whether your plans are aligned with God’s blueprints for you or not, you know, so many beautiful benefits…… 
    But then, i asked myself at the bar, can these benefits i have seen here tonight be compared to the loving grace of dating a believer? Can partying at a night club be cooler than partying in a Church service?
    Hell NO! 
    Church is the Best party location ever, God’s presence is the best master of ceremony, you know why? Because you go to the club empty and you go back home even emptier than you went in… But when you come into the presence of God,  oh my! The Bible says there is fullness of Joy, you come into His presence emptier than you can ever be, and go back fuller than you can ever imagine, the club does not EDIFY, yes i saw everything that night, the club adds nothing to you, rather it takes away the little graces you have gathered,  but the Church edifies you!
    … And it is the same with dating a believer too, everytime you’re with them you feel the precious sweet presence of God, everything they say or do speaks edification,  even their tender ‘I love you’ will sound like a prophesy that edifies you,  and when you’re a carrier of His presence too, ehhhhhhhh Father! that means the whole atmosphere will be booming with God’s pure love and amazing GLORY! Oh mehnn! I looked at those folks in the club that night with tears nearly falling runing down my eye, i was like “Lord, please show these ones what they are missing in You, what kind of enjoyment are they enjoying here cos I can’t see anything, or is it the dancing? Ehhhh? Did David not sing and dance in your presence until he became naked? Show yourself to these ones Lord, even if it is a fraction of who you are.”
    And the Lord answered.
    He said “Allison, If I have to show myself to these ones for them to know who I AM, why then do I have you?”
    Hmmm, we have a job to do guys, it is of no use to carry the Light when we cannot shine it for others to see and find their path.
    The UN-churched needs to be churched, the UN-Christ-ed needs to be Christ-ed. We have a job to do guys, and the circle begins with you, start with yourself, start with your relationship, start with your marriage, you do not need a pulpit, let your life be the first Bible people read, give yourself no rest until every soul around you is won! 
    And for those condoms i bought,  before you start asking me how many i used,  heheheh,  i just walked around the club and left them carelessly in different areas for someone to find, i know a brother might be rich enough to afford a hooker but might not remember to buy protection, i don’t know why i did that though, maybe there was someone there God wanted to save from catching something.
    well, i left the club at 10pm, and that brought my first and last ever clubbing experience to an embarrassing end! 
    #ConfessionsOfAGoodMan #allisonhyacintho

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