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    5 Mobile Apps That’ll Increase Your Productivity By 50%

    5 Mobile Apps That’ll Increase Your Productivity By 50%
    I don’t know the kinda apps you accommodate on your mobile, but 90% of apps on my mobile helps me manage and organize my tasks, time and schedules effectively.
    Here’s a short list of 5;
    1. Notepad: As dumb and simple as it may sound, most people don’t actually use this app.
    My notepad allows me pen down ideas, plans and notable events.
    If there’s one reason why I take my phone to the toilet most times is because, you get badass ideas in your comfort zone and this is where my notepad comes in handy. Lol
    If you ain’t using this, you should start to and see how much it’ll allow you remember stuffs and help you save flash ideas.
    2. CamScanner: Just as it sounds, it does help you scan documents with your mobile phone.
    I actually can’t remember the last time I scanned a document without my mobile. It’s a great app to help scan and send that document over when you’re in a hurry.
    3. Lastpass: If you don’t have all the time to start remembering all those complex password for different websites, Lastpass is a good app to help you remember your password when your are prompted, so you don’t get frustrated all the time because you can’t remember your password.
    4. Quora: I believe everyone knows about quora, one of the biggest forums in the world.
    Quora contains some really badass information and mind blowing answers to lots of questions.
    You can download the quora app and select some of the categories you’ll like to gain more knowledge on. You can check in once or twice daily to learn new stuffs from those who’s got a greater knowledge in your field.
    5. Outlook: Mehn! Outlook is cool. Imagine having your mails all in one place?
    I mean gmail, Office365, Yahoomail, iCloud mail and all. It’s really great, with a simple swipe you can easily check across various mails.
    There you have it! I don’t have the strength to type more. Wish y’all a productive day ahead! 🙂
    Photo credit: Me 😉

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