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    Many Of Your Lifestyle Coaches Are Living A Fake Life


    So yesterday was full of drama on Twitter.

    For me, once there is is drama, I simply look out for what to learn and improve my own life.

    Here’s what I learnt.

    A young man who is a Coach and Online Marketer was accused of living a lie on social media.
    He was outrightly called a scam.

    Many people explained their scam perspective of him.

    He rose up in defense.
    He held a Twitter space on his page.
    He threw insults at those who called him out.
    He blocked many of them.

    But here’s the very interesting part of things that formed my biggest learning.

    He did not deny anything.
    He instead said it was not scam.

    He admitted to using prop money (You can order fake d$ollars online. I hear that $10k fake costs only $300)

    He admitted to renting fast luxury cars.

    He admitted to showcasing a life of things that aren’t necessarily real nor owned by him.

    He insists that there is nothing criminal or scam in those actions.

    He says he spends good money to build his personal brand with these things.

    He says he has scammed no one and threatens to sue those who called him out.

    He says even musicians and other celebrities do the same and there is nothing illegal in it.

    So, what did I learn?

    1. I learnt that for the fact that a person showcases a rich lifestyle doesn’t mean he owns those things. He didn’t say he owns them, so we too must stop thinking or believing he owns them. They are rented for pictures and for attending meetings.

    Stop assuming what they didn’t say to you.

    2. I learnt that beyond landing pages, Facebook Ads and building good funnels, premium level coaching may require premium level packaging.

    In order to charge many people $5k, $10k and $20k, you may need to live a premium life.

    3. I learnt that beyond what any coach or online marketer says, you must deeply and carefully watch and learn from what they do. That’s where the real result lies.

    Don’t only watch his course videos. Watch him too.

    4. I learnt that there is a lot of money to be made online. You must choose for yourself the things you can or cannot do in the process of making the money.

    Define your limits in making online money.

    Here’s the simple truth – Lifestyle marketing is used a lot on Twitter.

    They showcase cars, trips, clothes, gadgets, places and all sorts.

    This is how they sell and that’s how they teach themselves to sell.

    Now they are calling out themselves for being fake.

    I remember attending a lead generation class with them.

    After generating the leads to Whatsapp, I asked the question, “How then do you get the leads to buy from you?”

    The answer was, “You post your lifestyle for them to keep seeing on your Whatsapp status”

    Me, local girl.

    Wetin dem wan see for my lifestyle?

    I immediately knew I was in the wrong class.

    Anyways, we have a lot to learn from them on days like today.

    The biggest lesson is – Is lifestyle marketing for you or not for you?

    May we keep learning.

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