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    Man Laments How Hard It Was Getting Brazilian Visa With A Nigerian Passport

    A Nigerian took to Twitter to lament how he was denied a Brazilian visa as Nigerian when he applied for a visiting visa for sightseeing.

    I won’t advise anyone to apply for Brazilian visa using Nigerian passport.

    I think they’ve placed us in the same class as North Korea

    So myself and my guys around August ending said to go to Brazil on vacation to see the new sights, women and just enjoy the sun.

    So we go on their website, get the requirements, we do notarized police report, got our friend in Brazil to send us invitation letter etc and we just whole mile.

    All these done by ourselves….

    Total process time is 20 working days.

    Now this is where the issue starts. After 20 working days, no single response, no communication etc.

    Flight date was October, it passed. Our passports were in their consulate.

    Then the first rejection comes for my friend. This is someone that is a top manager of a cancer hospital in Lagos and has Canadian and UK visa on passport.

    Immediately I saw the rejection, I lost interest in the trip. I mean I’m not going to enjoy there if my guys ain’t going and sent a mail requesting for my passport. No response, no anything.

    I don’t want to get a ECOWAS passport for W.African trips so it was frustrating for me.

    Sent a strong-worded mail yesterday requesting for passport simply saying “I no do again”. This is 5 months now.

    They return my passport without any visa, no rejection letter nothing. 5 months of wasted time and money.

    And we were going there to spend in the Brazilian economy. Anyways, I’ve advised.


    It’s tougher now getting the Brazilian tourist visa for Nigerians, for two reasons.

    1. Abuse: Nigerians get to Brazil with tourist visa, and disappear into the country or file for asylum. It became too much in the last 3 years, bcos many people turned Brazil to Libya(a route to walk to US).

    Even the airlines no longer agree to carry Nigerians

    2. Info sharing: Nigeria does not share intel with Brazil, so there’s no way for them to verify authentic documents anymore.

    Going to Brazil now is best via other visa types, not the tourist visa, or applying from other countries. It’s sad, but it is what it is now.

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