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    Learn To Give Love A Chance

    We’re in a period of unprecedented deceit & opportunism. If you find someone to love you; who is patient & kind with you; is honest & seeks after your welfare: please do not be difficult and chase the person away from your life.

    Do not let your ego get in the way of a good thing. A good thing has never been more elusive.

    I know you think there is more out here.

    I know you think you are doing them a favor, & that they are going nowhere anyway. I know because I have been you.

    Several times. Unfortunately, for you, the good ones, too, eventually tire & leave.

    Now, I know you think you know what that’s like.

    You’ve read books, and listened to songs about moving.

    No time to waste:

    Too many fish in the pond

    . That usually lasts about 2 months.

    I know you think you know, you don’t know the half of it.

    Not even a quarter.

    You’ll be swallowing water like it’s a goddamn shortcake.

    That is after spending your half-salary on someone who’s eaten everything in your fridge after one night, & left a note saying the rice was too spicy.

    I know you think you know.

    You don’t know a thing.

    It’s insane out here

    Thw dating pool is messed up and the street is military

    You know when people are in good relationships they think, “Jeez, I could be getting so much sex out there.”

    That frenzy fizzles out pretty quick.

    Sex starts feeling like a job: you literally pay for it with sweat. You’ll be sleeping with people you couldn’t sleep with sober.

    And do you know what the saddest thing about it is: out here, everybody is looking after their own interest. Everybody is just trying to win. Many won’t experience true love.

    Or even selfless partners. But you did, & you wasted it. To belong with people, who don’t know it.

    That’s why each gender is theorizing on how to get the better of the other. Do this, do that.

    Because they haven’t experienced a selfless partner. And you did.

    You found a friend, a lover; & you traded it for what?

    This emptiness?

    Don’t be difficult.

    Give it the best you’ve got.

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