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    Kyrian Mbappe Visits Cameroon With Heavy Security (Video)

    Kylian Mbappé is currently enjoying his holiday in Cameroun, where he is originally from.

    As the video attached below showed, Mbappe is enjoying the luxury, exclusively reserved for an oil sheik or a sitting president, because he can afford it.

    Kylian Mbappé is currently earning a staggering $1 million every week playing for PSG.

    But Mbappe can afford to earn so much because his father left Cameroon for France for greener pastures.

    If Wilfriend, Mbappe’s dad, had not taken this decision to Japan, it would not have been possible for his son to be the wealthy global super star that he is today.

    His son could have been a local champion who smokes Indian hemp every morning while playing ball.

    His father’s choice and the environment in which he was born nurtured Mbappe into the person he is today.

    Elon Musk was born in South Africa.

    He later left for Canada and then the US to study.

    Even when his student Visa expired, Elon Musk stayed on an expired visa.

    He later went ahead to found PayPal with some friends before selling to invest in Telsa.

    Again, if Elon Musk did not fight his way to the top by stubbornly staying in the US when his US visa expired, Musk would not be the richest man that he is today, and Telsa would not exist.

    However, for Elon Musk or Mbappe, who left Cameroon, South Africa, and Nigeria, there were millions of their compatriots who left at the same time but did not achieve half the success that Mbappe or Elon Musk have achieved.

    Dangote did not need to leave Nigeria; Nigeria made him Africa’s richest man.

    The same is true of Tony Elumelu and other successful people in our country who made their wealth and fortune here.

    To go to Japa or to stay is not black and white.

    It is Neither here nor there.

    However, Apostle Selman is big and teaches what is called discernment, which is a skill every young person must have.

    A mind of your own comes with discernment.

    What discernment will do for you is this:

    To ask yourself: As a young person living in Nigeria, where will his or her skills be most appreciated?

    Nigeria or the UK?

    Where would I earn more money that could take my life and family out of poverty—Nigeria or Canada?

    As an aspirational young person, where do I fit in?

    Which move—migrating to the US or staying back—will change my life for the better?

    Nigeria is a destiny killer for so many young people who ran away and came back with their lives completely changed and transformed.

    I’ve also seen young people who stayed back and became rich without running away.

    This is what the spirit of discernment will do for you.

    To make that difficult decision—to decide where to stay at a time when everyone is leaving and you are meant to look unserious if you don’t want to leave too.

    In all you do, have a spirit of discernment.

    Understand where your calling is, where you are meant to stay, or even who you are meant to be, who you will get married to, and how you will live your life.

    Discernment is a skill that makes the difference; it changes lives and destinies.

    Learn to listen to it before you make any life-changing decisions.

    It will take you far.

    I often find people who make major life decisions in the blink of an eye, impulsively, or under the influence of ogogoro dangerous, and you need to run away from such people. They will derail you.

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