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Kidnapping Security Alert: Please Be Wary

Trending on SM has been the gist of a man kidnapped (man-napped actually) in broad daylight in a keke in Surulere.

This guy unsuspectingly boarded a tricycle (also known as keke Marwa) around 2pm and upon boarding, met two people inside. A guy at the front at at the back. As the journey progressed, they picked one  other person by the road and the person who sat the front beside the driver, came to sit at the back. Only for them to brandish their weapons and told him to ‘cooperate’.
He was immediately robbed of his phones and other accessories and after some minutes of driving, the keke stopped and they tried to force him t enter another car- a space bus. Witha knife and a gun pointing at him, he complied and when trying to geet into the bus, he saw a passerby and screamed for help.
They slapped him and told the passerby that he was  thief and was trying to resist arrest, and that they were on their way to the station. And the passerby kept on moving (this one can pain ehn)
On getting inside the bus, he realised he was not alone. There was a man and woman tied up in the bus. then taken to an uncompleted house where he was beaten so bad for trying to form smart initially.
His belt and shoes were taken from him and then he began to negotiate with one of the kidnappers whom he begged to allow him make a call.
The other kidnapper who was left with him allowed him to make the call but when the others came in they picked a fight because they felt left out. The guy gave them his  panda chain as a ransom first before money came and they asked him the worth of the chain which he lied was #50,000.
The interesting part to this kidnap was the escape
The kidnappers were still arguing about the ransom money because according to them’ wetin dem wan tell oga’ when my guy saw an opportunity for  escape. He jumped off the storey building and ran into the nearby market which was deserted.
As God would have it, he saw a bike man apporaching and jumped on the bike and when he asked where he was, the bike man told him: Ijegun! (whaaat!!)
Luckily, he had some money in his inner jeans which he used to buy slippers and find his way home. He got home around 9pm.
This story is one of the few kidnapping stories where the victim was able to escape with his dear life. What about the many others that did not make it?

Please let’s be watchful, we live in perilous times.
The bible says: Watch and pray
. Meaning that as you are firing prayers, never forget to be alert. In other words, shine ya eye.


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