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    Kelly Is Finally Behaving Like A Boss Woman

    What Kelly Rowland is doing now is what she should have done years ago.

    So Kelly did an interview recently to promote her new Netflix movie, Mea Culpa.

    The host asked her questions about Beyonce, which she curved.
    Because, why exactly?
    Na wetin carry me come?

    From the cost of travel and accommodations to the expense of wardrobe and makeup, a media round can be quite costly. If it doesn’t achieve the desired result, it can be a significant financial loss for a celebrity.

    Just the mere fact that she didn’t indulge the show host is already causing conversations.

    Imagine if she had spent time discussing Bey, it would’ve been the highlight of her promotional interview, ultimately overshadowing her latest project.


    It has happened repeatedly to Kelly.

    Girl will have an album to promote.
    Rather than delve into her craft, she’ll spend 90% of her interview time speaking about how she loves her ‘sister’ and the last hangout they had.

    To where interviewers don’t mind asking her about the colour of Blue Ivy’s latest toothbrush on red carpets. Other questions about her (Kelly) would seem like an afterthought.

    Kelly dedicated her prime to Bey and the Knowles in general, letting the world see them as the centrepiece of her life.

    Forever bending backwards when she should woman up.

    Most band members go solo and carve their own identity.
    Unfortunately, Kelly has yet to achieve that.
    Years down the line she still gets introduced as “former Destiny’s Child member…”
    A tag Beyonce outgrew since her solo debut.

    The reason isn’t farfetched. Every opportunity Kelly gets, she speaks excessively and glowingly about the Knowles and the group they got her in, while failing to project herself and recognise that she’s a star in her own right.

    I mean, her first single was a monster hit that earned her a Grammy before Bey caught on.
    Her beauty was and is still a 10 on a scale of 5. With a good amount of hits under her belt.

    Girl has been BAD from day one, but for a long time she didn’t seem to get it.

    She made herself an overzealous Bey stan, to the point where the media doesn’t care so much about her – just tell us what the Carters had for dinner.

    Cos who else will be more than happy to do so?

    I’m glad Kelly has finally grown a backbone and can now dictate the flow of her interviews. No Bey questions.

    Although it took her getting into her forties to act like a boss.
    But applaudissez for the effort.

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