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    Kanagha JNR Address To His Fellow BBTitans Housemates After His Medical Exit

    Kanagha returned from his exit for medical care for his finger, and he returned with a Bang!!!!

    Kanagha JNR just showed the whole of Africa why he deserves to win this show.

    He addressed the 20 housemates in the BBT house. He said to them that it is the month of love and it doesn’t feel like that in the house.

    He said it is so hurtful that at this point of living together, the HMs still have conversations segregating based on nationality. ie South Africa This, Nigeria that.

    Kanagha said, “We are not born Africans, but Africa is born in us. We are one, regardless of our skin colour”

    He encouraged HMs to bury the hatchet and come together as one – leaving behind any division of nationality.

    He got Miracle and Jennie O to hug each other.

    He asked Nana and Khosi to hug again…

    He gave Marvin a hug…

    He told Yaya he loves her and also gave her a hug..

    He charged housemates to live in love and promote unity. Instead of fighting, he asked housemates to show the world why they were chosen as Titans.

    He proceeded to name, hype and motivate every single one of the housemates.

    When he was done.. he left many housemates in tears as he retired to his bed to get some rest.

    Here are some of his motivational pronouncements to his fellow housemates:

    Jennie – Remembered for doing so well in the kitchen

    Blaqboi – Directing tasks and ensuring the teams success..

    Yemi – The fashion icon of the BBT house.

    Juicy Jay – Makes every BBT Housemate happy.

    Marvin – Consumer of the eggs in the BBT house.

    Justin – Coolest kid on the BBT block.

    Mmeli- A man with an artistic desire..A man who lived in the ghetto but is now making a change for the young ones.

    Nana – Always eating cocopops.🙄

    Ipeleng -A Shy girl with a burning desire to be heard.

    Miracle – Hype Man of the house.

    Khosi – Works out so well with a banging body.

    Thabang – Super smart at 21, giving up the vibe that says – “Underestimate me at your own peril”.

    Nelisa – An amazing creative, regardless of being tagged an instigator.

    Yvonne – Fashionista on a 100. Even when rocking a tail as tail of house, it goes with her outfit.

    Ebubu – Representing the Albino community, giving them a voice. He is the same as every other housemate, regardless of his skin.

    MoThatsi Wendy Madiba – He called Thatsi out with her full name. He referred to her as beautiful and awesome. He said to her: “You earned the crown. You worked for it. Stand out and Speak!! You are not meant to be quiet…”

    Olivia – She dresses even if they are going to the garden to serve punishment. She looks good.

    Yaya: Gives the vibe of a girl who just wants to live the dream. Kanagha said: “Your mum doesn’t see you, but I see you”. You are going through a lot. We are all doing same; fighting our demons.. But it should not break us; it should make us.I put you through a lot last week; I was just playing my game. I love you.

    Blue Aiva: She makes me want to dance and
    forget my sorrows because we only live once..Live now and make that good memory.

    Blaqboi: Dream of a Nigerian boy who is out here to make a name. Nigerian Creatives struggle. It’s time to give your voice to the world. Own your sh!t boy. Nobody will give you a platform like this.

    Me: It was quite an emotional entry and exit for Kanagha JNR.

    But las las, what cracked me up is what Nana was remembered for. Anyway, It’s better, Cocopops.. than the actual things we the viewers remember her for. 🤣🤣🤣 Kai.. 🤦‍♀️

    Kanagha owned this show this morning..

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