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    It Is Time To Answer God’s Call – Yul Edochie Takes Up Spiritual Calling

    This is a good one.
    Yul knows what moves Nigerians.
    He just needs a bit of Prophetic Packaging.

    Just prophesy randomly that someone will get a job that will change their life in February. Out of his millions of followers, at least 5 followers will testify.

    He should AMPLIFY their testimonies.
    Before his next broadcast, he should replay those 5 testimonies to build “faith”.

    Soon, the testimonies will multiply and his YouTube channel and First Fruits will earn him millions of Naira – that’s how the anointing works, it multiplies money and fame. He just needs to promote testimonies as miracles.

    Nobody will consider COINCIDENCE.
    And if anyone dare question the testimonies of the testifiers or make sense out of the mere coincidence, his devoted followers will defend the God of Yul Edochie.

    Men of God are untouchable in Nigeria.
    You dare not question their past, judge their present or Predict their future.
    Whatever they did, do or will do – good or bad – must be left to their God who called them.
    There are 2 ways to launder your image in Nigeria – join the ruling political party or join church business.

    Yul is not just saved, he’s now safe.
    Safe from online judges.
    Judy, oh sorry, Mummy Judy, is henceforth Shielded from una wahala. Her husband’s Anointing got her covered.
    Forget about May – after all, we all have forgotten about Anita Oyakhilome.

    But wait, I almost thought this was an image laundering move until I realised that he hasn’t added any title to his name yet – so I’ll simply assume that this is a joke.

    The day he means business, he will add Prophet to his name.
    He will record a video of his father confessing that right from his mother’s womb, there was a prophecy that he would be a prophet but he was distracted by Ekwensu. People may even think May was the Ekwensu that stopped his ministry – mark my words.

    He will start wearing Nice Suits in posters and submit to a popular prophet who will publicly annoint him.

    But until he undergoes this prophetic packaging, this does not qualify for image laundering – but a spiritual comic relief to a nation fooled by religiosity.

    My name is Apostle Charles Awuzie and I welcome Nwanna Yul Edochie to the ministry of True Salvage.

    Let’s share the grace maka Na church agbasago…

    – Charles Awuzie

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