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    It Is Not Good To Save In The Present Economy, Just Buy What You want To Buy

    Few days ago, I went to purchase a television set, and after checking out dozens of electronic shops, I found exactly the model I was looking for.
    Although I had planned and saved for the purchase of that particular set before my Christmas trip, the old price had increased by 25k.

    So I stood in front of the TV and called my friend, an expert in electronics to explain its applications.

    While still on phone, the sales guy disconnected the TV and made to carry it away.
    I stopped him and informed him that I was going to buy it.
    He smiled and communicated to me that someone had just paid for the remaining eight pieces of that particular brand.

    Na lie.

    I began to beg for just one and he called the manager to find out if they could let me have it while they order from the company, since the buyer wasn’t picking them up anytime soon.
    Manager agreed and let me have it.

    I went to the cashier and paid.

    While they were packing it up for me, the company called that the new one would come at a new price; 40k increase.
    As they talked and bargained, I hurried the attendant to pack it up before story changes..

    How do business people whose commodities depend on forex cope these days?
    Price changes per hour these days.. Chai

    Meanwhile, me 👇 👇 leaving the shop before I hear “Mr Uche please bring it back, the price has changed”

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