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    Is Your Partner’s Ugly Past Enough Reason To Call Off A Relationship/Marriage?

    My friend, Ifeanyi, met a baby who ticked all the boxes for him and his spec in the real world of it two years ago.

    Her name is Chinwe (not her real name).

    A paragon of beauty and beauty goddess that exudes elegance, poise, and has an electrifying aura

    They have been dating each other since that time, and Ifeanyi just met the girls’ parents a few weeks ago for a formal marriage introduction.

    A few days ago, Ifeanyi had this “Eldorado” moment when something nudged him in the spirit to ask questions about her soon-to-be wife.

    So he went to work to ask those who knew her in the past what kind of person Chinwe was.

    Was she a decent person?

    What kind of life did she live as a student?

    The feedback he got was heartbreaking.

    His wife to be used to is a retired runs girl who slept with men in the past for money and has also dated multiple sugar daddies, according to the accounts of those who knew her in the past, especially when she was in school.

    Apart from the fact that Ifeanyi is heartbroken, he is confused about what to do now that he has seen Chinwe’s parents.

    This brings me to this burning question:

    Is your partner’s ugly past enough ground to call off a marriage process?

    Should it be considered a red flag?

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