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    Indomie Case Study : How Erisco Should Have Handled Their PR Mess

    In 2004, Indomie noddles was accused to have caused the death of some Nigerians. There was a Nationwide campaign to boycott Indomie.

    The company insisted that their product is safe for consumption.
    The C.E.O of the company (A foreigner) appeared on National television with top executives of the company to eat Indomie live. They ate enough and addressed the press afterwards. That singular act of the C.E.O doused the nationwide tension, and reassured Nigerians that Indomie is safe.


    Their sales skyrocketed, as Nigerians patronized them even more.

    Guess what? that rumour was championed by Africas topmost monopolist, because he was set to  launch his own noddles company.
    So Indomie the dominant noddles firm must die, for him to come in and penetrate.

    But las las God shame them.

    Erisco foods and the owner would have used Chioma’s review to their advantage, and make themselves the leading tomato paste production company in Nigeria, using the free social media publicity and PR, rather than trying to bully her to submission.

    Erisco owner should have appeared on National Television, invite chioma to prepare rice with the said NAGIKO tomatoe paste, eat the food with his top management team, alongside chioma. Address the press, crack jokes and stylishly tell Nigerians why the tomatoe paste contains sugar. The amount of sugar, the reasons, advantage, and other variety of their products without sugar.

    Afterwards, make chioma the company’s ambassador, use her face in some of their products, then watch how business booms.

    But he chose the oppression option in this 21st century, not minding the strength of social media.

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