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    In Marriage, Choose What Works For You

    Choose what works for your marriage per time.

    So long as you and your partner are okay with it.

    Sacrifices are made for the bigger vision you have with your partner.

    But most time we compare our marriages with others whose experiences, orientation and cultural backgrounds are entirely different.

    No two marriage relationships are the same because the events occurring in each is unique.

    If your part of achieving the vision you guys are pursuing is that you will be cooking for your husband by 4:00am or your husband will be cooking for you by 3:17am;

    Do that and don’t “send’ what the rest of the world says, so long as you are progressing towards the agreed vision.

    Sometimes, young ladies who get into marriages compare themselves with women who have finished bearing children and are now freely doing their businesses.

    You want to be like the super women who are doing big things. But You never heard about them when they just got married.

    Some of them, you came in contact with them four or five years ago but they have been married for 15 years while some for more than 20 years.

    Ask yourself…

    Where were they in those early days of their marriages that you are only getting to know them now.

    They were growing and tending their families.

    What many of the women who tell you not to be tied down with family responsibilities fail to tell you is that at a time they too were but it’s only for a time.

    Many of them who left their children and husbands welfare in the hands of others won’t tell you how they wished, they had the opportunity to be the one that raised their children.

    Please do what works for you and your partner, your relationship is unique.

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