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“I have never slept with a man for money”-Relationship expert, BlessingCEO claims

Popular Relationship Expert, Blessing Okoro Better known as BlessingCEO claimed she has never slept with a man for Money before.

She said this via her post on Instagram while stating that not every woman engages in prostitution and many earn their money legitimately.

BlessingCEO urges Women with legitimate source of incomes to be proud of themselves and hold their heads high rather than fixating on people especially men who project their insecurities on them by accusing them of sleeping with men for money.

In her words;

“Not every woman does RUNS…. Women are so hardworking that men keep projecting themselves to women just to feel powerful. I brag with it. BlessingCEO has never fuck for money. Women adjust your crown forget noisemakers. Runs is not for everybody. Just a reminder that alot of women make legit money”.

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