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    How We Travelled To The Village For Xmas

    After a marathon journey from Lagos to Abia and back, my beloved car absolutely deserves a spa day! Opting to take our SUV saved us a significant sum of money.

    For our family of five, air travel expenses would have tallied up to approximately 1,600,000 for the round trip. Even choosing public transport would have amounted to nearly 400,000.

    Deciding to embark on this adventure with my car was a game-changer. It cost 53,000 to fuel up initially, and another 40,000 in Benin to keep us going.

    While the journey was mostly smooth sailing, a minor hiccup occurred in Ore due to a road accident, causing us a few hours of delay.

    Beyond the financial savings of flying, I wanted my kids to savor the classic road trip experience. Before setting off, I had concerns about the security situation, given the prevailing narratives in Lagos. Thankfully, we relished the same peaceful atmosphere that characterizes the East.

    A striking difference between fueling cars in the East and Lagos emerged. While the cost of fuel might be higher in the East, the integrity of their fuel meters stood out, unlike the issues of tampering we often face in Lagos.

    Umuahia’s nightlife was a blast; we almost spent all our money, having a blast from day one to our departure. I also took my kids to the National War Museum in Umuahia for historical insights. My son Odum encountered images of Ojukwu, the man after whom he was named.

    Exploring Igbere was eye-opening; it seems Igbere can easily compete with major cities in Nigeria, challenging the reputation of Abiriba as the ‘small London.’

    Our trip to my hometown Mbaise became a paradise for my kids as they immersed themselves in the wonders of nature.

    Revisiting our iconic river “Iyi court” brought back cherished childhood memories, especially swimming with them as they enjoy without wanting to stop.

    We also visited Uzoakoli by railway to buy traditional food items and fruits.

    Overall, our two-week holiday was a massive experience, providing us ample time to reconnect with family and friends.

    There’s truly no place like home.

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