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    How To Prepare A Mouthwatering Nkwobi

    Nkwobi is a traditional Eastern Nigerian delicacy which is served mostly at restaurant, social event and usually enjoyed by all.
    It is prepared with cooked cow leg, Palm oil and mix spices.
    Nkwobi is love at first sight, first taste and first smell. Simply irresistible!


    * 1 cow leg
    *4 tablespoon Palm oil
    *1 tbsp ground Ehuru (African nutmeg)
    * 1 Baking soda (use in place of potash)
    * 2 medium sized onions
    * 1 tbsp blended pepper (dried or fresh)
    * 1 tbsp blended Uziza, seeds
    * I handful of Ugba (optional)
    * 3-5 Utazi leaves (for garnishing)
    * 1 tbsp blended crayfish
    *2 seasoning cubes.
    *Salt to taste


    * Wash and cut the cow leg into small sizeable chunks and add into a cooking pot.
    * Season with 1 of the onions, chopped pepper, seasoning and salt. Cook till soft and the stock almost dried up.
    *Add Palm oil into a pot, add in the baking soda or potash and mix until oil lightens to give off a light yellow colour.
    * Add Uziza and Ehuru, then add in the Ugba and crayfish (if using) then, pour in the cooked meat.
    *Taste for salt before adding the 2nd seasoning cube, then salt (becareful not to oversalt) and it’s ready for serving.
    * Wash and cut the Utazi leaves and also chop the remaining onion.
    * Scoop some of the meat, mix into a serving bowl, garnish with the Utazi leaves and chopped onion. (The Utazi gives it some bitter-sweet taste).

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