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    How Old Nollywood Ended Their Movies

    Old Nollywood Movies Ending

    – The Mami water uses her superpowers to lift her male victim from the ground with a finger, with his legs kicking in the air.
    (Uncanny sounds play in the background)

    – Man begs for his life to be spared, but she slams him on the floor and says with a cold voice, “Maxwell you’re mine”.

    – He runs out of the house screaming, but before he makes it to the gate, she appears in front of him and lets out a dry laugh (with echo effect).

    – She emits beams of electricity from her eyes and uses it to shokori his body small.

    – Ndi church and Mr Maxwell’s long-suffering wife storm the house at the 11th hour.
    A bunch of sisters wearing long skirts blowing in the wind and men wearing bongo trousers with nsupie shoes. They all form a big circle.

    – The team of brethren are led by Patrick Doyle or Francis Duru.
    What better person than either of these two men?
    The spirit informed them that Maxwell was in a crisis (simply because he refused to keep his p£nis in his pants).

    – Mami water releases a ball of fire from her mouth, but the goal keeper, sorry, the lead pastor uses the holy bible to block it, staggering a little from the force it came with.

    – Patrick Doyle begins to drop all the “For you said in your word” along with bible verses. Mami water starts turning round and round like a helicopter that’s about to crash.

    – This is the part where your mothers get agitated and join in the spiritual warfare, forgetting that it’s just a home video.

    – One final “destroyyyyy” from Patrick Doyle brings Mami water to the ground.
    Immediately, Maxwell’s manhood that had been inside a calabash returns to him all the way from the Atlantic ocean.

    – Brethren break into song, ‘he has done for me, he has done for me.
    What my mother cannot do (he has done for me). Maxwell lifts his hands in the air in worship while kneeling.

    – Song changes key two times.

    – “To God Be The Glory”

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