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    How La Casera Gained Market Share Without Adverts


    Phew!!! Stay with me on this case study, you will certainly learn what you could implement in your business.

    Sometimes when people see things like 15% market share they think it is just numbers.

    Let me give you some insight, La Casera operates in the CSD market which is the Carbonated Soft Drink market.

    The market is worth billions of dollars, it is the market that guys like coca cola and all other soft drinks operate in.

    La Casera (apple product, the one you know) was launched into the market in 2001, and this product rocked our world in those days.

    LA Casera

    It left us with so many good memories that we can’t forget in hurry, remember how you enjoyed it with gala back in the days.

    So here is how this amazing product was able to gain 15% market share in their prime.

    1. The Bottle:

    La Casera came in the time where we enjoyed our soft drinks in bottles, you would need to use an empty bottle in exchange for a soft drink with your

    Sometimes, Mama Bosede will hold your balance if you don’t come with a bottle. That was the drill.

    But La Casera disrupted the market with plastic bottles, now Okwudili can invite his babe and enjoy their drink without Mama BosedepP knocking for her bottle.

    2. The Taste:

    La Casera came into the market when apple fruit was a luxury. Then if you eat apples consistently you must be a big man. 

    A good number of the mass population couldn’t afford apple fruits. So La Casera gave them that vibes.

    You know the taste nah, it is so heavenly. The only taste that felt like you were eating the apple fruits.

    3. Complimentary product:

    There is something called the remora strategy in marketing, La casera leveraged this so well to disrupt the CSD market.

    They did this with Gala, you know Gala has been in existence since 1962, and it had gained so much domination in the market that all sausage rolls were referred to as Gala back then.

    Till date, some people still refer to all sausage rolls as gala, and refer to all noodles as indomie.

    The owners of La Casera saw this, and cooked the strategy that paired gala and la casera.

    Kai, this duo were match-made from heaven. If you didn’t enjoy this duo then, kai you missed oooh. 

    4. The Traffic Distribution:

    Then if you travel by road, or you are caught up in traffic, the first commodity that will greet you is Gala and La Casera.

    People selling Gala will always be standing close to the guys selling La Casera. The combo was something else.

    La Casera was the first soft drink that was sold in traffic in Nigeria because it was easy to be moved around.

    What can you do with what you’ve just read?

    This week find a way to do something differently that moves your business in the right direction.

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