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    How Harvey Weinstein Abused Women And Their Still Adored Him

    Harvey Weinstein jerked off, raped, abused and pumped over 50 women in Hollywood. These are the women we look up to and admire – who were scared their dreams would shatter if they didn’t let him have his way or if they spoke up. They cowered. I am not going to sound like others – these women are cowards. Bloody cowards! I don’t care what you think. And I have stopped looking at their glories in those red carpet gowns!
    Listen, no man has the monopoly over your dreams. Or ambitions. There is no god on earth more destructive than another. Ever thought while rich people use protection and security? They know poor people can become aggressive and take them down. Why think such? Because poverty is power, too. Poverty brings anger and anger is powerful. You kill the rich, you go to jail. The rich kills you and goes scot-free. But, you have already killed with a reason.
    These women Harvey raped and abused believed as the man was in charge of their destiny. Now that Bank of Industry is dishing out money to a lot of their friends and making them all powerful – many will think that they can ask me to bend and I will bend because of the cash they will give me. Mba! I don’t bend like that!
    Growing up, I was meant to fear some people. At a point in my life, after a wild experience in Lagos – running from the ‘powers’ that be, I realised that, fear is the only obstacle we have to our ramifications. At the end, whether you are good or bad – depends on your definitions – you will crack in the face of obscurity if you don’t take time. I learnt early that no wealthy person has ever had it easy. So, the battle line was drawn and I started winning.
    Few days ago, I published a piece on OlisaTV and someone messaged me and said: “You mentioned Mo Abudu’s name in your article. That woman is vindictive!” Oh, I am vindictive, too. I mean, Mo Abudu has never fed me before. I know those who feed me. Now, everyone wants to work on a Mo Abudu set, because, apparently, she ‘pays.’ This is exactly why we are slaves and slaves cower in the faces of their masters.
    What is the worst that can happen to a budding career in Nigerian cinema like mine? That none of my films can be shown at the cinemas, because Mo Abudu and her friends have a clique and they are control freaks and rich men. Maybe they can go and block YouTube as well? Oh well, I need money but I don’t go borrowing money from ‘rich’ people. They won’t give. I resort to taking loans from folks around me who will understand me and respect me. This way, I can come and shout on Facebook and abuse the people I really want to abuse, without anyone snaking into my inbox and saying: “You know this post will damage your relationship with blah blah and they won’t want to support you again.”
    I don’t care. Demystify every goat, so they don’t make young people fear and so, get wanked over to get movie roles.
    There are so many Harvery Weinsteins in Nollywood and from Monday, I will start naming names. Be ready!

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