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    How Dufil Prima Makes Billions Of Naira Selling Indomie

    Dufil Prima makes as much as ₦800 billion annually on these two products.

    Only two products contribute to these numbers.


    The lessons to learn from the successful story of the Indomie brand in Nigeria are simple.

    1) Invest in marketing.

    Indomie spends a lot of money every month on marketing.

    At this point in the marketing budget, no other brand comes close to them.

    They have a huge capital outlay on marketing alone.

    From English Premiership football to Big Brother Naija, they are there on your face.

    They also spend a lot of money on BRT bus and billboard branding scattered all over the country.

    Indomie is the market leader in the noddle business, but I’m not sure that they are ready to give up the baton any time soon, and this shows in the money they spend every month on advertising and marketing.

    2)Distribution, Distribution

    Tollarm understood the assignment of distribution, and that is why they came up with an in-house strategy for how they distribute their products all over the country.

    I’m not sure there is no village in Nigeria where you won’t see Indomie; they are the second most widely distributed product in Nigeria after Coca-Cola.

    It is not a coincidence; it is because Tolaram currently delivers to tens of thousands of tiny tabletop retailers all over the country using its fleet of trucks owned by the company, and this is how they did it.

    In 1996, Tolaram, Indomie’s patent company, invested in a distribution company called Multipro Consumer Products Limited (MCPL).

    The company distributes all their products all over the country; no matter how far away the location is, they are there to deliver.

    Tollarm, the company that owns Indomie, makes over $1 billion selling noodles, vegetable oil and  other products in their portfolio in Nigeria, and it is deserving.

    The company has hacked how to sell and distribute in Nigeria, and they are the poster boys of How to Make $1bn Selling a Mass Product in Nigeria.

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