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    Help This Young Girl And Her Family Get Justice

    A tragic monday and the sinner went unpunished.
    On Monday 23rd October 2017 at about 3:45pm,A black Prado jeep with the Edo license number BEN36CF rammed into a Silver Toyota Corolla salon car of a gentleman man who had gone to pick some kids from SOUTHPOINT ROYAL SCHOOL located at No 1 Edaiken avenue off Airport road Benin City.At the rear seat of the car were 2 Children,Master GABRIEL ODION OMOKARO and Miss GABRIELLA OVBOKHAN OMOKARO.
    While Gabriel sustained Minor injuries, his twin wasn’t that lucky as she had broken glasses pierce into her eyes. The poor little one was immediately rushed to Faith Mediplex for medical attention. She thereafter underwent a surgery and will be required to undergo a couple more in the next few days and weeks . The accident was reported at the Police station along Airport road just by the Junction of the Benin Airport with the D.T.O named Lilian and the vehicles involved were taken into police custody.
    It is alleged that the Vehicle was in a convoy and sitting behind the black Prado Jeep was Mr Anslem Ojezua. Amazingly and as alleged,Mr Ojezua and those attached to him harassed the driver of the Toyota Corolla for not pulling over when he heard the sirens from the convoy.He has up till this moment,taken no responsibility, paid no attention, paid no visit to the little girl who is fighting to save her eye at the hospital and when members of the Omokaro family went back to the Police station after Gabriella had been made slightly stable at the hospital, the police had released the Prado jeep to Mr Ojezua.
    I was told this sad story yesterday by Jennifer Johnson-Osunde who is the older sister of Gabriella and Gabriel and while I empathize with little ones and feel so sorry for the unprecedented pain and emotional torture Gabriella is going through and the trauma her family members have had to accommodate emotionallyand financially , I am by this post requesting that Mr Anslem Ojezua reaches out to the little girl and her family, take responsibility for the actions of his charging driver and pays the medical bills for those affected if the story so reported be true. We also want to know why his vehicle was released to him by the police when the matter hadn’t been resolved.
    As expected, I will also want to hear his side of the story but no matter what the story is,Gabriella deserves better and deserves Justice even more. Please share this post till it gets to Mr Anslem Ojezua and the police.
    For the side of my story as reported, the Omokaro family can be reached on
    The family lawyer Mr Zekeri can also be reached on 08053147663.
    Sorry about the pictures guys,may not be palatable to everyone.

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