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Hazel E Dismissed From Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Hazel E made news last week when she made a homophobic comment that gays will burn in hell (read here). Now she’s been dismissed from the reality show, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.
It was recently announced that Hazel Ewill not be returning to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood for the next season. Producers say they dismissed her on October 4th, which was before her recent homophobic comments on social media. But Hazel is reportedly saying the decision to drop her from the show didn’t come until after her social media comment.
According to sources close to Hazel E, the reality star received a letter on Saturday stating that she will not be returning next season. The letter was reportedly sent out on October 20th, which is 16 days after producers say they decided to drop her.
LHHH producers are reportedly sticking by their original statement that they decided since October 4th not to have her return to the show but Hazel claims otherwise and has hired a lawyer as she considers filing a lawsuit.

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