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    Happy New Year 2017

    Words of advice as we enter into the New Glorious 2017:

    Give freely without considering the cost; it will never be too much.

    Don’t drink and don’t smoke; you don’t want to die young.

    A few things you should always take with you: pen, paper, a good book.

    Never do drugs;

    You may go to bed hungry; but always greet the morning with a smile.

    Listen rather than talk; you’ll never learn anything while speaking.

    A smile is always better than a scowl; so the scowl must be worth the while if at all.

    Read constantly. And watch people and your environment; these will help your career.

    Be consistent without being predictable.
    Bet on yourself; if you don’t how do you expect others to?

    Treat others as you’ll like being treated, but ignore them when they prove irritable.

    Share your passion with others; some of its sharing is featuring your works for people to read and review.

    Age is really just a state of mind; a mere number.

    It is okay to fall, but not okay to stay on the ground.

    Cherish the dead you once loved so carelessly, they still live in your heart.

    Be humble.

    People will say you’re talented. People will say you’re the best. But don’t let these compliments get into your head.

    In an armada of nutshells, always be yourself; for no one can be you.

    Happy New Year 2017

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