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Governor Okorocha Purportedly Demolished Eke-Ukwu Market Because Of Links To Female Deity

In a piece by Chinonso Alozie posted on Vanguard newspaper online version on November 5th 2017,it was reported that the main reason adduced by Governor Okorocha for the demolition of the Eke-Ukwu Market ,Owerri was because of the links the market had with a female deity.
The question that begs for answer is this-was demolishing the market the only way to sever the so-called links between the said female deity and the market? Couldn’t pastors and other men of the cloth have been called in to exorcise the female deity out of the market by Power of God? The human and material cost of that demolition is yet to be calculated. Governance demands human face and human touch.

Image result for photos of eke-ukwu owerri
Eke-Ukwu Market Owerri, being demolished

Image result for photos of eke-ukwu owerri
Governor Okorocha

Read more @https://www.google.com.ng/amp/s/www.vanguardngr.com/2017/11/demolished-eke-ukwu-market-linked-female-deity-okorocha/amp/

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