Gender Equality

These days the people seem to want to belong to things just because it sounds cool even though they don’t know what it means or what it stands for. I had a conversation with a so called “feminist” and I realized that a lot of people don’t even know where they belong and are just confuse.
Now personally, I believe in gender equality but in this case, in totality unlike what most “feminists” believe. Most of them are just people who want to eat their cake and at the same time have it. they believe that women should be given the same opportunities as men and that they should not be subjugated but they themselves do things that contradict that very notion of equality.

Now imagine this, you are a woman who believes in the equality of the sexes and yet when they ask everyone at work to stay behind because you have a late night meeting with a client and you complain that you have to go home to take care of your children……don’t the other people there(mostly men) have kids too? If you want to be treated equally, you should not ask to be excused from anything. You should not seek preferential treatment.

The playing field should be completely level for everyone or else one person becomes the victim of your gender believes. I personally don’t believe in the fact that men and women should be treated differently at work but I don’t want to hear things like “you know I am a woman”. You are a human being and we are all equal. Sure sometimes there will be physical things you cannot do but that is not cos you are a woman is it? You should train yourself: stop asking that the standards be reduced because of you or your inadequacies. If you can’t carry a table, ask someone to carry it cos you are weaker not cos you are a woman but because you are weak. Do you think every man can carry the table?

In a relationship, I also believe in gender equality but I am willing to make some concessions although it is against gender equality. If you are dating and you want to be treated equally, do not expect the guy to open the door and hold it for you: that is just silly. You can call it courtesy but is it? Have you shown courtesy and done that for him? This is equality here and we should be equal.

I don’t believe in the guy always asking the girl out. No way, it is wrong and against equality: why should a man always ask the girl if we are both equal why can’t the woman do the asking sometimes and the same goes for proposing. Why is it the man that goes on his knees? Did I hear anyone say gender equality? Okay ooooo, if you truly believe that the genders are equal like me, you should be ready to do the same things, have the same rights and the right of one does not trump the other.
In a marriage, you two should be equal which mean no one is above the other. I don’t see why the man should sit his lazy backside on the sofa while the wife cleans, cook and feeds the kids. Get you sorry self up and take care of your damn home. That’s gender equality. If your wife is sweeping, you should be cleaning or washing the cars. If your wife is making breakfast on a Saturday, you should be scrubbing the bathroom.

I don’t know why both the husband and wife are going to work at 7am and the wife has to get up as early as 4am so she can bathe the kids, fix breakfast for the kids and the husband and also clean whlie the lazy bum she married is busy snoring. She deserves to sleep too if he is sleeping else they should both be up taking care of their home.

I don’t know why a man has the right to go out and hang out with his friends until 10pm but if the wife comes later than 7pm, it turns to a question and answer session. Is she supposed to be your servant or partner?
the men claim to be the leader but they forget that the best way to lead if to take charge and not stay barking orders. You should be able to lead events in your own home and share the responsibilities(Even though someone might say this is not gender equality) you both have the same right so why should someone be able to get away with something and the other gets punished?

Now the ever evasive topic of violence, should a man hit a woman and vice versa? The answer is simple, should a human being hit another human being? If your answer is yes, go ahead. Why should a woman slap a man and then hide behind “I am a woman so I should not be slapped” but you can dish it out eh? If violence is initiated, the result can go anyway.

No man should hit another human and no human should hit another human. That is what life is about, forget the emotions and bla bla bla.

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