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    What is wrong with the Church of today?

    I don’t know what is wrong with Christians of this age and how they think, act and talk. I keep telling people that your religion is supposed to show in your life and the way you act but a lot of these so-called Christians are a direct opposite of what they preach.

    I came across a man who complained about how a girl living in his house has been sleep-walking and they asked him to take the poor girl for deliverance wow!!!!! I don’t get it: why must every aspect of our life be about demons, demons and more demons?

    This day Christians have lost touch of what matters and have started chasing shadows around like they are humans without the white stuff in their brains. I once stopped attending a church because the pastor of the church made a statement that shook my entire belief and made me go cold where I stood. The pastor said “The church is not a charity organization” in response to a long time member of the church seeking their assistance to pay his rent.

    This same church make millions from sales of books and tapes but cannot attend to the welfare of her members. This is a church that the head pastor has a private jet and the man’s little offerings was part of the funds that bought the jet.

    I hear preaching these days and I get tired. A preacher once said it is wrong to give money to beggars as they might use the money to worship idols and hurt you with it that instead, you should take the money to your local church and be satisfied with it.

    Tiring right? I really need the trumpet to sound soon: I can’t wait to see the look on most Christian’s faces when they are hauled out to hell. Not that anyone deserves to go to hell but seriously the thoughts of the Christians of this day is insulting.

    The church has suddenly become where people go to show off what they have and what they want to give. You hear of churches doing “givers awards night” where the person who gave most in “Building offerings” is given a price.

    If a broke member fails to attend church, he wont be noticed but allow the rich dude who probably does not encourage anyone but drop money and make noise skip a service, you will see the whole church pay him a visit and this is not limited to the adults alone.

    The youth ministry of most churches is filthy and when I mean filthy, I mean it. It is an alternate wherehouse where hook ups are the order of the day, choir members sleeping with pastors and female choristers fighting over male ones.

    This is perhaps why I just attend church and go home. No house fellowships, no group anything, I don’t even want a visit from anyone of them as I have seen enough of these churches and the deeper I go, the more I see the filth.

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