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    Former Pensions Boss Maina Allegedly Arrested Dressed Like A Lady Wearing Burka At Niger Border….

    Big figure in black Burka catwalks towards security operatives at Niger border….The figure is sweating from the eyes….

    Former Pensions Boss Maina jumped bail with his big frame and hid out somewhere in Abuja while allegedly giving out info that he was already out of Nigeria….He did that so that he could carefully plan his escape while Nigerian operatives look for him abroad….
    So he planned and planned and planned and then came up with a plan that would have entered the Guinness book of records if he had succeeded…
    Maina decided to sneak into Nigeria republic dressed in black Burka and wearing a COVID 19 face mask…..Only his beady eyes were showing as he meandered his way into Niger…..

    Operatives at Niger republic border took one look at his shapeless form and decided the thing wrapped in black could not be a woman,so that they did their search and lo and behold it was a man with male privates and when they looked closer,lo and behold again,it was Maina!!!

    The security operatives called their Nigerian counterparts and as you read this Maina may have arrived Abuja already…
    He will be taken back into custody and as it stands no one will take a risk putting their neck on the line for him the way Ndume did and was rewarded with Maina running and him (Ndume)spending 5 days in jail.

    Latest Posts


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