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    Economy is hard, show some love

    Chianugo Emeka JP

    Dear all,

    We are going through a recession in Nigeria. This is the time to help someone out! Things are rough for a lot of people, even the ones one may think are rich or doing well. If you can help someone please do.
    This is the time to help your gateman pay his children’s school fees. This is the time to give him some food items. This also goes for your maid, give her some transport money if she/ he isn’t a live-in.
    Buy that colleague lunch. He or she is probably not dieting, they just can’t afford it. Give some colleagues a lift even if to a certain point.
    Buy your friend petrol for their car and or generator. He’s not walking because he wants to exercise.
    Give that Uncle or Auntie N10k, they’re probably in dire circumstances hence they’re ringing off your phone.
    Patronise farmers if you can. It’s cheaper to get your goods from them. Eat more greens – they’re cheaper.
    Don’t go to people’s houses expecting to be fed. It’s rude and times are hard. Be thankful if they feed you, it’s not easy for anyone.
    Give out you and your kids old clothes and shoes to people who truly need them.
    Pay an undergraduate’s school fees. Recommend a good graduate if you know of a job opening. That may be the only way he or she can feed their parents and siblings.
    Let neighbours fetch water from you if you have a borehole.
    Feed a homeless child or person. You never know who you’re helping. That might be the next Einstein.
    Pay someone’s hospital bill, it could be life or death. You could literally be saving a life.
    We all know how prices have doubled . Some families may not have food on festival day, feed a family. Invite them over. People won’t tell you what they’re going through so be sensitive and see through the facade.
    If you live abroad and can spare some change for poorer family members please send it, it’s no joke. Folks can barely feed daily.
    There are so many little things that can be done, please search your heart and be creative to come up with other ways you can give. Folks are hungry, angry and tired. Leave the government, we are the welfare system in Nigeria.
    None of these are compulsory please. It’s just a way to help each other out. Do what you can. If you’re already doing any of these and can afford to, then well done, if you can do more please do. Keep being kind. We are a very religious lot, this is the time to practice what we preach and the essence of every religion – love! The law of giving never ever fails, believe it or not!
    Show love to someone today, tomorrow!
    God bless you as you do🙏

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