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    ​We should all be grateful for TSTV coming. Mtn ripped us off and used used our naivety against us. That wasn’t business, that was bordering on out right criminality. What was the price of mtn Sim, it was a whooping 20 thousand Naira when MTN started in 2001, at a time when a dollar was less than N200.00. They forced you to exhaust your credits within a week or three days, they charged you for a whole minute for even a second above one minute. That wasn’t business, that was a crime and we are supposed to be grateful for that.

    Thank God Glo came and made MTN stop all those trash I listed above. GLO sold its first sim card for 6,500 and subsequently 500 naira, today it is 100 naira or 200.

    Doing business in Nigeria isn’t easy, granted! However, some Fans of DSTV are making  it sound like DSTV are such kind people doing us a favour and we aren’t appreciating them.

    I say na lie! They are doing business, big business, overcharging us and ripping us off! We watch DSTV because they have no solid competition. If the Nigerian-business- environmental Hell is too hot for them, let them pack up and leave. Tell me where in Africa they can make the money they make in Nigeria.  Most of which I can bet will be repatriated to South Africa.

    Any day DSTV applies the same per-second billing system they’re using in South Africa, I’ll destroy any other decoder I see that is not from them… 

    Most Nigerians spend 12 hours moving from their homes to their offices and back to the home. So even get tired and after eating sleep off, no time to even watch DSTV they paid for.

    This can happen for two weeks, meaning two weeks subscription gone. DSTV knows this, that’s why they have rejcted introducing Pay per view.

    DSTV stifled HiTV when the latter got the showing rights of the European and Champions leagues back in 2009-2012. Everybody switched to HiTV since they can access these football views at a cheaper price. 

    DSTV bribed their way through and denied HiTV from renewing the 3-year contract. Till now, HiTV has not recovered from the loss. And DSTV wasn’t demonized for that barbaric act!!

    Fast forward to the present, a formidable TSTV is on ground, consumers are ready to fly with it. You are not OK with it.

    This is naija where the govt is not serious about the wants of its citizenry. The exploitation of DSTV should have been stopped since when its operation kicked off. 

    Both the govt and the consumer have the right to demonize DSTV that has grown fat on the sweat of Nigerians consumers!!

    South Africans enjoys cheaper rates than we do here in Nigeria.

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