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    Drama On Nigerian Idol

    Another drama that happened on Nigerian Idol. By the way that’s my favourite show presently. ❤❤
    So this group consisting of two females and a male went on stage to perform.
    The youngest among them, 19, opened the song.
    She hadn’t sang the first line, poof! She forgot the words!
    I guess being before the judges was unnerving.

    So the poor thing was just staring vacantly at the panel of judges as if she stole a piece of meat while the instrumentals played on.
    Her much older teammates standing behind were like, which kain small winch be dis?

    Meanwhile, Seyi Shay and Obi Asika kept urging the frightened teenager to continue.
    She managed to pick up from where she left off and sang brilliantly.
    That poor start, however, crippled the group performance.
    Because the eldest guy in the group was singing over everybody and doing too many vocal acrobatics to make up for the mistake.
    The 2nd girl seemed to have accepted their fate, caused by the youngest group member, so she wasn’t really present in the performance.

    When they finished, the judgement was delivered the way judgements are passed in Nigerian families.
    Firstly, the problem child in the group was spoken to like every last born in the family. All she got from the judges was, “don’t do that next time, when you make a mistake don’t stop, believe in yourself, be confident, you can do it.”
    The only thing left was for Seyi Shay to open her handbag and give the ‘omo omo’ of the group Viju milk and a pack of minimie chinchin.

    The voices of the judges went up as they criticised the big bros in the group.
    Mother Seyi lashed out at him, “when she forgot her lines why didn’t you help her with her verse? Instead you wanted to shine. Ya there singing ohooohoohowohwohh… You think it made you look better? Mgbo, you think this is a one-man game okwa ya?”
    “I didn’t mean to…”
    “Oh, do not say a word!”

    The girl who was supposed to be the safe one amongst them, surprisingly, they jointly tore her apart for playing safe.
    I’m not sure she’d forget these words in a hurry:
    “Your journey on the Nigerian Idol competition ends here.”

    Yes, she was evicted, while her teammate who ruined everything was retained for the next round.

    Now instead of the baby of the house to go to one corner and thank her star for being saved, she gently walked up to the evicted girl backstage, her hands fluttering over her head with fake tears.

    Exactly that scenario in homes where the guilt-ridden last born crawls to big sister with a sorry face like soured mai-mai, apologizing for making her collect 36 strokes.
    And all you want to do is stran.gle her and dump her body in the freezer.

    The evicted girl at first tried not to appear pissed off. She tried to maintain the spirit of sportsmanship, asking calmly, “why are you apologizing to me? No tell me why, go on I’m listening.”
    “I’m sorry… (Sobs) It was all my fault… (Sobs) I didn’t know what happened back there… I wish…”

    Seeing that the fly won’t let her pack her bags and leave in peace, she dropped her initial calmness and went full gangster on her,
    “You wish what? Are you not happy that after what you did you’re staying? Which one is all this na? Will you leave my sight? Gerraway you!”

    If not that the cameras were rolling, one teenager wearing low cut and ‘sweet 16’ jeans would have ‘chopped’ backhand slap on Nigerian Idol.

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