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    Don’t Japa Because Your Friends Are Leaving The Country, Have A Plan In Place First

    Someone was asking me when we are going to japa.

    I turned around to be sure she’s speaking to me and she affirmed it.

    She asked me if I don’t have any plans of leaving Nigeria this year.

    I told her I’m not leaving. At least not yet.
    She told me they are planning to japa because all their friends have either left or about to leave.

    I asked her if the reason they are planning to relocate is because their friends are leaving and she said yes. We can’t be the only ones left out.

    The place I went to buy suya last week, one man was telling his friends that his wife wants to give him HBP because of this japa issue. She’s insisting on them relocating because her friends are leaving.

    He said he has told her to prepare and go with the kids if she must go as he can’t quit his job to go start afresh.

    See eeh, I love the idea of going abroad for better life and opportunities but some of you are doing really well here that you do not have any business leaving everything you’ve worked for behind to go and start all over.

    I know there are people that leave because of the quality of life, security and access to healthcare over there and I really respect that.

    The people that surprise me are the ones leaving because people are leaving.

    The person you’re following to japa might have gotten a job, one better scholarship or just one juicy offer but you out of peer pressure will pack your bag, quit a job of 700k and relocate without any proper plan in place.

    Don’t get me wrong. If you feel you have better opportunities abroad, please by all means, go.

    All I’m saying is don’t leave what’s working for you here and move abroad because people are leaving.

    When you get there, oyo is your case. Peer pressure will not foot your bills.

    Think it through, evaluate your options and good luck.

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