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    Different Types Of People During This Naira Scarcity

    If you are living in Nigeria, I’m sure you know that Naira is scarce, almost as scarce as dollars and people are looking for it everywhere.

    This is because the government set a deadline for the acceptance of old notes and the new notes are not in circulation.

    Here are five types of people during this Naira scarcity:

    1. Those who don’t have any money in bank and at hand;ย These people are already broke and it doesn’t even matter if there are new naira notes. They simply don’t have money anywhere.

    2. Those who have Naira plug:ย These people Know those who works in the central bank and banks and have a steady supply of new notes.

    3. Those who sleeps and wake at the ATM;ย An easy example are those who operates Point Of Sale (POS) machine and have becomes overlords this period. They wake very early in the morning to queue for Money and starts dispersing it to others at a very high price.

    4. Those who are desperately looking for money:ย These are the cash madams and ogas who spend alot of money everyday and are now cash trapped. Plus their banks app are suddenly not working so they have money but cannot spend it.

    5. Those who are hoarding money;ย Certain people have withdrawnย  so much money via They plug and are still complaining about the scarcity of the naira with everyone else.

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