Curvy Life’s Collective Presented At Glitz Africa Fashion Week Ghana!

On Saturday 7th of October, history was made again, as yet another #AboutthatcurvylifeCollective showcased at Glitz Africa Fashion Week Accra, Ghana. This Collective saw a return of the previous year’s contemporary meanswear brand, Assian and (new entries) bespoke womenswear fashion designer, Nori Clothings and arabesque inspired designer, Abaya Lagos by Salihat.
As did the year prior, the #Aboutthatcurvylife Collective knocked it out of the park, bringing its ethos of all-body representation, body positivity/diversity/inclusion in fashion and on the runway, showcasing everything from on-trend pieces to the avant-garde, fun cuts in lively colours for the men as well as sophisticated conservative vibes inspired by the Middle East.

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