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    Crypto Is Now Unregulated Trash Where Anyone Can Pump And Dump On Unsuspecting People

    It takes a certain level of greed to launch a crypto coin and claim it will serve a purpose. You and I both know that beyond pumping and dumping the coin on people’s heads, you’re making zero plans to build anything that will make that shit useful.

    Either you’re lying aimlessly or you’re just delusional. Whichever way, only the most naive will trust your words.

    You and I both know that all those your “we are building” na just pure nonsense.

    You and I both know that your claim on being “bullish” on crypto isn’t because you really want the tech to progress, but because you want to get in the forefront of the pump and dump of projects.

    You and I both know that your Transhuman, Transpayment, Long life and prosperity coin you are selling to people as the future of everything in the universe na just bullshit.

    I don’t want to talk about one useless pastor that used the name of God to sell his own “kingdom coin”.

    You’re just doing what people do, build banks so that they can have freewill access to liquidity. In your case na crypto you dey use.

    I loved crypto as a tech. I loved the whole concept of Blockchain and ledgers. The hashing and re-hashing of transaction keys to generate multi-secured certificates. I took out time and studied that stuff , reading Sataoshi’s white paper.

    I loved the idea of NFTs. I made posts in 2021 around how NFTs could be used across a whole lot. From music to image signing.

    But then, I began to look closely at the crypto ecosystem and all I could see was greed and I got plainly disgusted.

    I sat down and carefully observed the whole Wakanda Inu and Cake tools saga and I was just appalled at the dog-eat-dog nature of the average Nigerian.

    I don’t even want to talk about the ones who built rubbish to ride on crypto bull run hype and when the hype faded out, they abandoned their apps and headed to other directions.

    I have been poached, encouraged, told to learn Solidity and Blockchain API. Shit I can learn and deploy in barely a week. But godforbid I learn what will allow me explore infinite levels of soulless greed.

    At least I’m happy everyone dun show their true self this time. With the anticipated bull run abi wetin una dey call am, no one is going around claiming they are building nonsense.

    All man dey wait for airdrops and for their coin values to shift decimal points and cancel zeros.

    We can all agree that crypto has become unregulated trash where everyone thinks they can just use $10 to make billions overnight.

    Even the so-called devs have recoiled to secret corners, steady bombing shitcoins back to back.

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