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    CKay’s Love Nwantiti Is Africa’s Biggest Song So Far (4x Platinum)

    CKay’s Love Nwantiti is the first African song to go 4x Platinum in USA with 4 million sales in the country.

    It is also the first African song to go 2x Diamond with 2.4 million sales in India.

    It is Africa’s best selling song with over 14 million sales worldwide.

    CKay’s Love Nwantiti’s Certifications

    4x Platinum in USA (4 million sales)

    Platinum in the UK (600,000), Germany (400,000), Italy (100,000), Denmark (90K), Australia (70K), Poland (50K), New Zealand (30K), Austria (30K)

    Diamond in France (333K)

    3x Platinum in Canada (240K)

    CKay’s Love Nwantiti’s Remix ft. El Grande Toto is Gold in France (100,000 sales).

    The original version and remix are both Gold in Spain with 20,000 sales each.

    5x Platinum in Portugal (50,000)

    2x Platinum in Holland (160,000)

    3x Platinum in Switzerland (60,000).

    Eligible for

    France (2x Diamond, 666K)

    Holland (6x Platinum, 480K)

    Canada (4x Platinum, 320K)

    Spain (2x Platinum, 120K)

    Switzerland (6x Platinum, 120K)

    Brazil (3x Platinum, 120K)

    Portugal (7x Platinum, 70K)

    Belgium (Platinum, 3K)

    Greece (Platinum, 3K)

    Sweden (Platinum)

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