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    Chioma Is Now Attending With Davido Again

    I thought Davido deliberately relocated Chioma to USA to keep her away from the eyes of the public after a shocking demise of their son , Ifeanyi. I was thinking Davido wanted to separate Chioma from his celebrity lifestyle and public appearances. But it seems that will not be happening soon.

    How old are the twins that Chioma is now leaving them in the care of a nanny to join Davido to attend public functions? Who is taking care of those twins? Is it her mother? Because as far as I am concerned, only her mother could be trusted enough to take care of those kids in the absence of their parents.

    Why is Chioma so eager to join Davido in his constant globetrotting even when she has not recovered fully from the pains of labor room? Is she worried that her absence around Davido may lead him into impregnating another woman since all single ladies has vowed not to rest until each and everyone of them have a baby for Davido.

    Does Chioma think her constant presence around Davido can scare away any lady interested in Davido? Is she not aware that if she blocks them from having access to Davido, then they might device another means to reach him? Some of them who are too desperate to have a taste of Davido might go extreme even to the point of harming her just to make sure she doesn’t have the capacity to block them from reaching Davido.

    If I were Chioma’s mother, I will advise her to steer clear of making public appearances at the moment and stay home to take care of her babies . Even if she was pressured by Davido to join him in making public appearances, she has the right to reject it at least for the sake of the babies.

    It is true that making public appearances with her husband will reassure her of Davido’s commitment to make their marriage work despite having quite a good number of baby mamas and intending baby mamas around him. But the death of Ifeanyi supposed to have teach them some lessons. No one can take care of children better than their mothers. Chioma should stay home and take care of the twins at least for now.

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